Online Course (Program 2)

Online Course (Program 2)


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We are offering online course so your children can learn from the comfort and privacy of your own home on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Program 2 is focus on learning French grammar and vocabulary to speak French.


In depth course offers

  1. Intensive lessons on oral and visual stimulation

  2. Providing one on one engagement

  3. Supporting one on one learning

  4. Monitoring progress with assessments

  5. Developing learning techniques to help with school subjects

  6. Providing customised learning

  7. Maintaining acquired skills

  8. Increasing confidence & self-esteem to speak

  9. Increasing concentration

  10. Quick results in a short time

  11. Stimulating to speak, listen, read and write


Online Course with Laëtitia at $697 for 10 Weeks.


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