Why French With Us?

Repetition & Consistency For Success


Program 1

Our program 1 for kids aged 3 to 11 years old with no OR limited French knowledge. It is not an immersion program.

Program 2

Our program 2 for kids aged 6 to 11 years old who understand and/or speak French and/or completed our program 1.

Learn French in 10 Weeks!


Our Mission

Our vision is to build the foundations of French Language from Early Childhood to become bilingual in later years offering worldwide opportunities.

We are committed in enhancing children’s confidence to engage in French and to develop the educational skills to help them during their school years.

​The efficacy of language (and by extension culture), consider the doors (“opportunities”) opened by it. Broadly speaking, there are six opportunities provided by language:

1. Geography: The ability to travel

2. Economy: The ability to participate in an economy

3. Communication: The ability to engage in dialogue

4. Knowledge and media: The ability to consume knowledge and media

5. Diplomacy: The ability to engage in international relations

6. Career: The ability to take the best jobs

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to take young and curious children on a French journey so they can learn French by a sequential acquisition.

French is made easy for kids by providing valuable learning tools based on 3 learning styles strategies to get quick results through interactions. Our programs are designed to accelerate their ability to engage in French and to develop their education’s skills.

Our interactions stimulate children’s brain development by developing problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating. Children are developing dispositions for curiosity, co-operation, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity to become effective communicators.

No better exercise for the brain that learning a second language from an early age.

Our Values


Our primary goal is to ensure that each child progress further ahead through LEARN & PLAY. It means every class they attend, video they watch, game they play etc…, our interactions are designed to learn and enjoy French with fun!



Our learning tools and strategies aim to give the best approach targeting each child’s learning style to gain faster results.


​Learning a language is a commitment to ourselves. We become bilingual with consistency, focus and actions.

Quick results are important but each child learns at his own pace. It is why, we aim to help and support parents to continue French at home even if results have not been shown yet. The brain takes time to adjust new informations.

Read my testimonial in “Meet Laëtitia”.

Parents get involved in their children’s learning by assisting our classes and by following our programs at home.

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